Local Biz Buzz – Internet Marketing for the Rest of Us

Have you ever wondered how web pages climb to the top of search engine lists? Are you amazed when you type in a search term and the search results are for businesses in your local area? Have you created a web site and it never seems to show up in the first 5 pages of search results? Then you need LocalBizBuzz to give you a hand with your Internet Marketing.

Just like the yellow pages used to tell you what you needed to know about local business, Google, Yahoo and Bing list most of the business near by. But where the yellow pages used to list businesses by category or in alphabetical order, search engines find web sites based on their keywords, descriptions, page content and other variables. And while the yellow pages always used the same rules to list your business, search engines change the rules just when you start to understand what you’re doing.

LocalBizBuzz has assembled an experienced team and created a program to help you stay ahead of the changes for much less than you think. And they’re program is GUARANTEED — if they don’t drive your company to the first page of search results in your area in the first six months, their service is FREE until you meet that goal.

Read through the information on the site and give us a call at 815-200-4988 to see if you qualify to join the LocalBizBuzz program.